Kids love the farm animals

They make a great addition to a Barnyard Theme Party for kids or a Hoe-Down for adults.  The Barnyard guys are also great for Promotions as well. There's nothing cuter than a baby goat, unless it a little pig? Baby chick??

You get the idea!

Our Farm Animal Petting Zoos are both Fun and Educational.

Kids and Adults all enjoy the farm animals.

A Buckaroo Petting Zoo is entertainment for the entire family!

   Please note:

Our animals change every season. You may see an animal in our photos that we no longer have. We have some of them are staples that have forever homes with us and in our parties. Others outgrow the petting zoo and we re-home them. Our pictures are a representation of our services, not the actual animals you will get.


Larry, our Llama

 Our little goats are always a hit with the kids

Larry with the "kids"



Who can resist a soft, fluffy bunny???


Our animals are all raised together, so there's no fighting or aggression to ruin a party.

Here one of our bunnies takes a break resting on his "big brother's" back.

Larry Llama giving Momma a kiss

Larry getting some lovin'

One of our dwarf mini horses meets his cousin


Featured Petting Zoos for Parties in Terry on Gig Salad


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